Guest Book Review Guidelines

dThank you for your interest in helping to review books written by our amazing YA Fest PA attending authors!

If you are interested in reviewing a book for #YAFest2019, please email Ashley at

Guidelines for Reviews

  1. Please include the author, title, and original publish date in the subject line of your review.
  2. Reviews submitted must be for books written by a #YAFest2019 author attending our festival on August 10, 2019.  Books read and reviewed do not need to be the author’s newest book.  We actually encourage you to read their backlist to review!
  3. Reviews may be cross-posted to your own blog or site.  Include a link in your review, so we can share it!
  4. If you want to include GIFs or images, just attach them and note where they go in your review. 🙂
  5. If you use “adult” language, please note that in the beginning of the review for small eyes.
  6. You are not required to use a rating system, but we highly recommend it.  If you want, you can use ours.
  7. While you don’t have to love the book, we do prefer to share positive reviews for our authors.


  • The reviews and commentary do not reflect the opinions and thoughts of YA Fest PA and the team.
  • The reviews are the intellectual property of their original writer.
  • YA Fest PA is not responsible for providing copies of the books for review.  The reviewers are responsible for acquiring their own books to read.
  • The reviewers are not compensated for their time or reviews by YA Fest PA, the authors, and publishing houses.